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(CHICAGO, February 29, 2016) – 230 Middle School and 170 High School CPS students will attend a special presentation by The 8th Annual Peace on Earth Film Festival on March 3rd and 4th to learn alternative ways of thinking and behaving when faced with prejudice, bullying and tolerance. The Showcase is designed to watch films and engage in interpersonal dialogue that can awaken changes within themselves and changes they see for their community.

Running during the March 3-6, 2016 Festival, the Student Voices for Peace Showcase provides short narratives and documentaries to students at middle school on Thursday, March 3rd, and high school, Friday, March 4th. Both programs are from 9:00am-12:00pm and located at the Chicago Cultural Center, Claudia Cassidy Theater, 78 E. Washington.

This years presentation to both groups of students include: a short narrative about looking out for and speaking out against sexual predators; and a documentary about six young Chicagoans from neighborhoods affected by violence who traveled to Nicaragua and studied how people and communities recovered from violence and uphold peace.

An extra film will be offered for the middle school: a short film about an autistic boy with a gift he uses to help others; and for high school, a Northwestern University student film documenting 25 year old, David ‘Iggyflow’ Rucker, who took a stand against Chicago’s corrupt justice system. Both David and the student directors of the film will be at the high school screening answering questions.

The Peace on Earth Film Festival’s Executive Director Nick Angotti, acted in Hollywood for 25 years and guest starred in over 50 television shows and appeared in numerous feature films and television commercials. He worked with notable actors such as: Hank Azaria, James Earl Jones, Walter Matthau, Joan Rivers, William Shatner, and Bruce Willis, Martin Sheen and Annie Potts. He most enjoyed acting as a role model for young people during CBS’ After School Specials in Los Angeles. His acting taught personal and social responsibility; and what is wrong with racism, nuclear energy and being lazy.

After moving back to Chicago, he created and produced three Chicago Public Access television shows: a nine episode mini-series, “Season of Nonviolence: Chicago Youth”, “Say Yes To Life” and, as a member of the City-Wide Restorative Justice Committee, an 11 series’ to amplify the work of RJ Practitioners in Chicago. Each of the three shows he produced encouraged Chicago’s inner city youth to make a positive difference in their own lives and neighborhoods. He established Transcendence Global Media to present the Peace on Earth Film Festival and other media ventures to plant seeds toward building a culture of peace and nonviolence for all humanity.

“I discovered at an early age the power of film to influence ones behavior and culture. This is the reason for the festival,” states Angotti. “Students discover things about themselves and each other, deepen their understanding of human potential, learn how to think differently about their communities, and how to take positive action and create a better society.”

The following films have been reviewed and rated by the POEFF Directors and a Teacher Advisory Panel as appropriate for grades 7 through 12.



“Aullido” (Howl) http://peaceonearthfilmfestival.org/film/aullido-howl/ (Guatemala, short narrative – 23 min) Dir. M.D. Neely

A violent secret in Guatemala City is affecting families in every social class and neighborhood. Everyone knows yet are silent. However, Vicente decided to speak up, and his true story in a landmark legal case reveals what happens when a child is bold in the face of injustice and how those in power stood on his behalf. Spanish w/subtitles


“HACIA ADELANTE” (Moving Forward) http://peaceonearthfilmfestival.org/film/hacia-adeline/ (Chicago: Free Spirit Media — US/Nicaragua, short documentary – 15 min)

Dir. Chad Rispalje and J’mme Love

The Peace Exchange focuses on young Chicago leaders–Peace Builders–committed to peace and nonviolence, and their two-week trip to Nicaragua in a cross-cultural exchange with community organizers, students leaders, and peace activists, all designed to build relationships that enable them to lead, educate, mentor, and nurture peace in their communities. in-part: Spanish w/subtitles



“Sketch” http://peaceonearthfilmfestival.org/film/sketch/ (US, short narrative – 21 min)

Dir. Stephen T. Barton

Michael is a 12-year-old boy with autism. Because of ASD he endures ridicule and rejection from kids in school and his impoverished community. But he puts his curse to work and creates beautiful art with intricate sketches of scenes he sees in his violent world and the lives of people he doesn’t even know change in profound and significant ways.



The Lives We Stand For http://peaceonearthfilmfestival.org/film/the-lives-we-stand-for/ (USA, short documentary – 13 min)

Directed by Northwestern University student Scott Brown. As national outcry in America grows around police brutality and the murder of innocents, 25-year-old Chicago black revolutionary David ‘Iggyflow’ Rucker takes a stand against a corrupt justice system.


The Peace on Earth Film Festival (POEFF), the primary project of Transcendence Global Media, NFP, is a not-for-profit festival established to celebrate and encourage the work of independent filmmakers from around the globe on the themes of peace, nonviolence, social justice and an eco-balanced world. POEFF invites filmmakers’ challenging perspectives on issues such as human rights, neighborhood violence, food deserts, domestic violence, bullying, war, world politics, environment, economics and more, while presenting alternatives of peace from all cultural perspectives. Through the power of motion pictures, POEFF endeavors to enlighten and empower individuals, families and communities to step out of the ignorance of conflict, violence and divisiveness into the light of communication, compassion and understanding. www.peaceonearthfilmfestival.org

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