A Tribute to 50 years of Kartemquin Films






A Tribute to 50 years of Kartemquin


(CHICAGO, February 24, 2016) – The 8th Annual Peace on Earth Film Festival, which presents the city with new international films that contribute to a culture of nonviolence, social justice and eco-balance, will honor Gordon Quinn and Kartemquin Films for their 50 years of making films about people whose lives are most directly affected by social and political change.

The film festival directors, Nick Angotti, Clayton Monical and Milissa Pacelli, will present Gordon Quinn with an award on Friday, March 4th at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater (78 E. Washington, Chicago) after the 7:45pm screening of one of his first films, What The Fuck Are These Red Squares? (1970) Social activist and cinematographer, Peter Kuttner, who first worked with Gordon Quinn on HUM 255 (1969), will introduce and chat with Quinn of his early career.

In What The Fuck Are These Red Squares?, documents striking students who meet at a “Revolutionary Seminar” at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1970 in response to the invasion of Cambodia and the killing of protesting students at Kent and Jackson State Universities.

Refugees, Terrorism, Conflict and Resolution is the topic of Friday night’s films. Featured panelists, societal leaders, peace activists and the filmmakers from the festival will be in attendance March 3rd-6th.

The mission of both the Peace on Earth Film Festival and Kartemquin Films are for opening up a dialogue, both in communities, between the general public and with policymakers.

Festival Executive Director, Nick Angotti states, “This is an opportunity for us to celebrate both Kartemquin and co-founder Gordon Quinn, for a dedicated 50 years of crafting the kind of films that embody the Peace On Earth Film Festival.”

Gordon Quinn is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Kartemquin Films. Since his first film Home for Life in 1966, Gordon has been a mentor and inspiration to hundreds of filmmakers and associates who have passed through Kartemquin’s studio in Chicago. He has produced, directed and/or been cinematographer on over 55 documentaries across five decades, and given valuable editorial, ethical, fair use and production advice on countless more.

About Nick Angotti

A veteran SAG/AFTRA actor of 25 years and Executive Director of the POEFF, Nick Angotti established Transcendence Global Media to present the Peace on Earth Film Festival and other media ventures to plant seeds toward building a culture of peace and nonviolence for all humanity.

The Peace on Earth Film Festival (POEFF), the primary project of Transcendence Global Media, NFP, is a not-for-profit festival established to celebrate and encourage the work of independent filmmakers from around the globe on the themes of peace, nonviolence, social justice and an eco-balanced world. POEFF invites filmmakers’ challenging perspectives on issues such as human rights, neighborhood violence, food deserts, domestic violence, bullying, war, world politics, environment, economics and more, while presenting alternatives of peace from all cultural perspectives. Through the power of motion pictures, POEFF endeavors to enlighten and empower individuals, families and communities to step out of the ignorance of conflict, violence and divisiveness into the light of communication, compassion and understanding. www.peaceonearthfilmfestival.org

About Kartemquin Films
Kartemquin is a collaborative center for documentary media makers who seek to foster a more engaged and empowered society. In 2016 Kartemquin will celebrate 50 years of sparking democracy through documentary.

A revered resource within the film community on issues of fair use, ethics, story and civic discourse, Kartemquin is internationally recognized for crafting quality documentaries backed by audience and community engagement strategies, and for its innovative media arts community programs. The organization has won every major critical and journalistic prize, including multiple Emmy, Peabody, duPont-Columbia and Robert F. Kennedy journalism awards, Independent Spirit, IDA, PGA and DGA awards, and an Oscar nomination. www.kartemquin.com


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For information on Peace on Earth Film Festival, contact: Danielle Garnier,
Garnier Public Relations danielle@garnierpr.com

For information on Kartemquin Films, contact: Tim Horsburgh,
Kartemquim Films tim@kartemquim.com

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