POEFF Partners with O+ Festival

Peace On Earth  Film Festival is pleased to announce partnership with O+: Chicago Festival, (July 8, 9 and 10, 2016) in the presentation of three POEFF Archival films:

A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone*
(USA, Short Documentary – 56 min)
Directed & Produced by Maureen “Mo” Morris,

Winner 2016 POEFF Best Short Documentary

Long before Black Lives Matter became a rallying cry, Edythe Boone embodied that truth as an artist, educator, and great-grandmother. When a deeply personal tragedy ignites a national outcry, everything that Edy has worked for comes into question. A New Color illuminates the social issues of our time and how the work of one woman reverberates throughout a community.


(USA, Short Narrative – 21 min)
Directed by Stephen Barton

Winner 2016 POEFF Student Voices for Peace, Most Inspiring Story

Michael is a 12 year old boy with autism. Because of ASD he endures ridicule and rejection from kids in school and his impoverished community. But he puts his curse to work and creates beautiful art with intricate sketches of scenes he sees in his violent world, and the lives of people he doesn’t even know change in profound and significant ways.  


UNAFRAID: Voices From the Crime Victims Treatment Center*
(USA, Short Documentary – 44 min)
Directed by Karin Venegas

Selection 2015 POEFF

Set at St. Luke’s Hospital’s pioneering Crime Victims Treatment Center in New York City, this film tells the real stories of four rape survivors and their struggles and ultimate triumphs on the road to healing. Theirs is a story of courage, resilience, and activism.

* with permission of filmmakers

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