A FIRST: DFP-IB Community Movie Night – Locke Elementary School

The Peace On Earth Film Festival’s Dialogue for Peace Outreach Program sends warmest thanks to Josephine Locke Elementary School, Principal, Mr. Ortega, Vice Principal, Ms. O’Brien, and International Baccalaureate (IB) Program Director, Mr. Parker, teachers and student staff members for a wonderful night of POEFF films and dialogue chong qi gong men.

Kudos especially to Mr. Parker, for his immeasurable efforts to draw an audience that reached close to 200 students, parents and community members! Featured films, Out of the Rubble (ongoing ravages of Haiti earthquake), Ronan’s Escape (bullying), and Kindness Thought Bubble (treating each other with kindness, humanity & respect), generated heartfelt, thoughtful and inspiring dialogue – especially from the Locke students and their friends.

In keeping with the night’s theme of community and service, Locke teachers and staff made popcorn to raise funds for Haiti, and Mr. Parker gave a talk and presentation of his stirring personal experiences of volunteering in Haiti, just months following the quake. The students’ expressed appreciation for their lives, for what they have been given, and took up the challenge to do what they can to help others, starting in their own backyard.

The audience tackled the very difficult and very real challenge of bullying and its aftermath, following Ronan’s Escape. Mr. Parker challenged the students to “be the change” in their own school, to confront and speak-up when witnessing bullying. He reminded everyone that we can be part of the change toward kindness, respect and humanity, starting in our own school, our own home and our own community.

Participants departed the evening with their own self-made “prescription” of less negative choices and more positive choices, based on the Jen Ratio in Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Kindness Thought Bubble.

The next Dialogue for Peace IB Community Movie Night will be in mid-December at Locke from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., stay tuned here for the date. The December program will focus on POEFF films that tackle environmental themes. We can’t wait!

The DFP – IB Community Movie Night is an amplification of the Dialogue for Peace Outreach program currently in its 2nd of 15-Lessons/15-Weeks curriculum magnifying the mission of the International Baccalaureate Programme at Josephine Locke Elementary School, working with 8th graders and teacher Mr Will Bermudez.

If you’d like know more about the DFP-IB Community Movie Nights or the Dialogue for Peace Outreach program, visit our web site.

Or contact us at dfp@peaceonearthfilmfestival.org or call 773.273.1598.

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