Student Voices for Peace (Grades 6-8): Most Inspiring Film, 2015

For Francis (USA, 15 min)

Directed by Angelique Letizia

Francis is a typical seven year old boy who loves music, dancing, and dresses. When his favorite teacher, Ms. Walker makes him a dress, Francis’s father Matt becomes furious. He confronts Ms. Walker who explains to Matt how sensitive, and artistic his son is.

Matt doesn’t care, as he fears for his son’s safety in a world where acceptance is lacking. He comes home to find Francis dancing in the snow in the dress. Before he can react his worst fears are realized, as two bullies begin to beat Francis up. They call him offensive names in an effort to ‘teach him a lesson’.

Matt saves his son from the bullies but is still torn between protecting his son from a cruel intolerant world, or allowing the boy to live truthfully.

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