Gesucht wird der arabische Schindler (Among the Righteous) (France, Morocco, Tunisia, 52 min)

Directed by Bill Cran & Karin Davison

For the first time ever a film looks at the evaluation of Nazi atrocities from the point of view of Arabs and Arabic Jews. The main question of the film is: has there been an Arabic Oscar Schindler, who saved Jews?

Arabs generally know little about the Holocaust. Some even deny it – not only Islamist extremists. Even big Arab newspapers question the crimes against the Jews.

After the attacks of nine eleven Robert Satloff, head of the renowned Washington Institute for Near East Policy, was ever more inspired to look into this topic. He decided to start his lifetime project; to find an Arab Schindler. If he could prove that Arabs saved the lives of Jews in the Second World War, then maybe, so his motivation, the Arab’s perspective would change.

He sets up a team of scientists, archivists, translators and journalists in 11 countries around the globe. The film’s moving and spectacular journey begins in Yad Vashem. There a memorial plaques also for non-Jews like Oscar Schindler and Raul Wallenstein, who risked their lives saving Jews. They are called “The Righteous among the Nations”. But there is not a single Arab to be found among the 20.000 names. Will Robert Satloff be successful in finding one?

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