Good Business (S. Africa, 25 min)

Directed by Rob Schermbrucker

GOOD BUSINESS: THE STORY OF A SOUTH AFRICAN RETAIL GIANT tells the career-tale of Raymond Ackerman, a successful Cape Town entrepreneur who went against the political and social tides to do good work that benefited people of color during segregated times. In 1967, Raymond Ackerman, with the support of his wife Wendy, bought four stores of a South African retail chain called the Pick n Pay and ignored the laws of apartheid, promoting people of color and providing them jobs in management and behind registers, even when they were not allowed to touch money, or work in white neighborhoods. Ackerman fought the government and cartels on price fixing at every turn to make food affordable to all people. Ackerman was a visionary with a business philosophy grounded in love, compassion and forgiveness. This is exemplified in Ackerman’s table metaphor with one leg representing each administration, merchandise, social responsibility/sustainability and people. The consumer sits on the table‚Äôs top. Pick n Pay also has a business incubator with 100 empowerment projects where new business leaders are encouraged to create products sold through the chain. The Ackermans and their management team have grown Pick n Pay from four to 1,200 stores, in six countries with 60,000 employees, 400 franchisees of color and $6 Billion in sales.

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