Best Feature Narrative, 2016

Happy Those Who Cry (Paraguay, 92 min)

Directed & Produced by Marcello Torcida

Juan is a boy from a wealthy family who doesn’t seem to find his way in life. This annoys Ricardo, his father, who can’t stand watching his son waste his time partying with friends. Tired of his father’s reproaches, Juan wants to move out of his parents’ house but doesn’t have the money to provide for himself.

Emilio, a guy in his band, convinces him that any means is valid if it helps him get what he wants. So, he “helps” Juan by introducing him to a group of drug dealers from the slums of the city. Unfortunately for Juan, things don’t go well and he gets beaten up, but he manages to get away from his aggressors. Badly injured, he collapses by a stream which carries the city’s trash after each storm. There he is found by a group of poor kids who have to collect trash to make a living.

Immediately after this, Jose, their leader, decides to take him to the dispensary in his church, in charge of father Mario, who is also a doctor. Despite his serious condition, they keep him hidden in order to find out who´s behind this, given that the neighborhood where Mario does missionary work is well-known for its violence, perpetrated, not only by the dealers, but also by a corrupt police force in complicity with crime. Once Mario finds out that Juan´s father is Ricardo, a classmate who he hasn´t seen since the end of high school, he and Jose are more determined than ever to face many dangers in order to recover Juan and take him back home to his parents.

A story full of hope and redemption.

Spanish with English subtitles

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