Lost & Found (Uganda, USA, 59 min)

Directed by Sandy Cummings

Two groups of people on opposite sides of the world, both considered the lowest of their societies, find each other and together find something they’d both lost… hope. It was a couple from the Pacific Northwest that made the connection between a group of 260 Ugandan orphans and a group of hard core prison inmates in eastern Oregon. Bob and Carol Higgins never planned to visit Africa and when they were invited by friends to attend a conference, they somewhat reluctantly went. There, they met a group of orphans who would change their lives in ways they never imagined. At great personal sacrifice, they decided to stay… and open an orphanage. Some of the Ugandan children had been abducted by rebels and were forced to kill or be killed.

Bob and Carol were invited to speak to a group of inmates in eastern Oregon about their experience during a visit home. Some of the inmates had been in prison more than half their lives for crimes such as murder, rape and kidnapping.After hearing about the orphans, the men wanted to help, but how could they? Some had become accomplished, self-taught artists and were turning out beautiful works of art. They wrote a proposal to prison officials and asked if they could donate their artwork to be sold with all proceeds going to the orphanage. Prison officials said: yes. The inmates have found a sense of purpose they have not felt in decades. And the kids? They are thriving.

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