Out of Cordoba: Averroes and Maimonides in Their Time and Ours (Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Spain, USA, 90 min)

Directed by Jacob Bender

Out of Cordoba: Averroes and Maimonides in Their Time and Ours is about Jews and Muslims struggling for social justice and against the hijacking of their religions by extremists. Inspired by two medieval ‘wise men of Cordoba’ — one Muslim, the other a Jew — these contemporary people of faith are promoting the values of democracy and tolerance on the frontlines of the violent clashes that are defining our century. The documentary follows the film’s director as he undertakes a journey around the Mediterranean world after the attacks of 9/11, visiting people who are utilizing their religious traditions to counter the propositions that there is an inevitable ‘clash of civilizations’ between the West and the Muslim world, an incompatibility between Islam and democracy, and an unsolvable conflict between Muslims and Jews.

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