PEACE (Angola, Australia, China, Fiji, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Montenegro, Pakistan, Palestine, Russian Federation, USA, 12 min)

Directed by Stephen Sotor & Trace Gaynor

After showing their Genie in a Bottle film at the United Nations in 2005, the Peace Boat, a Japanese NGO, invited Stephen and Trace, then 13, to show their film and be a guest speaker on the Peace Boat?s 54th Global Voyage. Trace was unable to go but Stephen did and had the opportunity to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Stephen’s experience in Japan promoted the boys to question, “What is Peace?”

Stephen and Trace sent one time use video cameras to students in Pakistan, Kurdistan, India, Angola, Vanuatu, Australia, China, Russia, Serbia, West Jerusalem, East Jerusalem, and Japan asking them opinion of Peace. PEACE is the compilation of film footage from various countries sent back to Stephen and Trace.

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