Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century (USA, 26 min)

Directed by Daniel Califf-Glilck

Unlimited is a documentary about renewable energy and other alternatives to fossil fuels. It highlights a group of passionate 6th graders who call on adults everywhere to take action and address global warming. Their voices are supported with those of global warming and energy experts who discuss promising technologies such as solar, wind, and tidal power, as well as the issues of transportation and food sustainability. To demonstrate the here-and-now practicality of these technologies, the film includes on-site footage of solar panels, wind turbines, low and zero-emissions vehicles, tidal generators and much more.

In a time when the serious threat of global warming is only just entering the public’s awareness, Unlimited seeks to educate its audience about possible solutions to global warming in an effort to spur the adoption of widespread renewable energy use. OneLight OneCamera Productions hopes to bring Unlimited to classrooms, community centers, and churches around the country.

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