POEFF in Partnership with Free Spirit Media

The Directors of the Peace On Earth Film Festival and the Board of Directors of Transcendence Global Media, NFP, are proud to announce a partnership with Chicago’s own Free Spirit Media, for the 2012 Peace On Earth Film Festival and Dialogue for Peace Outreach Program. Free Spirit Media partners with schools and organizations to provide education, access, and opportunity in media production to underserved urban youth…

For the first phase of the partnership, the POEFF chose the fearless and provocative FSM film, Sounds of Freedom, for the 2012 Dialogue for Peace (DFP) Outreach Program in schools. In Sounds of Freedom, students from FSM at North Lawndale College Prep, take the audience on a journey from deep in Chicago’s inner city to the Arab Spring in Egypt, delving into what freedom means to different people. In January 2012, POEFF Directors will pilot curriculum specifically designed to Sounds of Freedom in a Chicago Public School.

We believe that films on the themes of freedom, social justice, nonviolence and tolerance, created by high school students, can have an immeasurable impact on their peers. FSM’s peer-to-peer approach to filmmaking addresses some of the toughest topics, while exploring nonviolent and peaceful alternatives.

The POEFF is proud to partner with FSM in order to highlight their outstanding work with underserved urban youth, and to support our mutual use of the medium of film to teach, to enlighten, and to speak out, and most importantly, to serve the greater good.

Stay tuned for the POEFF’s announcement of the second phase of our partnership with Free Spirit Media in 2012!

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