Transcendence Global Media, NFP, Parent Company of POEFF

Transcendence Global Media (TGM) NFP (est. 2009) is a 501 (c) 3, whose primary mission is to expand the Peace On Earth Film Festival, along with other projects that advance the understanding, enterprise and sustainability of a culture of peace for all humanity.

TGM’s mission is to foster a change in public discourse by building alternatives to violence, while demonstrating progressive steps toward social justice and an eco-balanced world. The POEFF fulfils that mission by presenting films, discussion panels, and outreach programming which highlight such efforts both locally and worldwide.

A cornerstone of TGM philosophy is taken from a quote of President John F. Kennedy: “Peace is…a process of gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, and quietly building new structures”.

Transcendence Global Media Board of Directors

TGM Executive Director:

Nick Angotti
Former film and television actor and Founder/Executive Director of the POEFF.


TGM Board of Trustees:

Timothy Hari, Treasurer
A CPA for over twenty years, working in both public accounting and executive financial management roles within the legal services industry.

Paul A. Kakuris, Trustee
President, Illinois Dunesland Preservation Society; and an environmental professional and a coastal consultant since 1974.

The Peace On Earth Film Festival is neither affiliated nor sponsored by Universal Studios