Transcendence Global Media, NFP, Parent Company of POEFF

Transcendence Global Media (TGM) NFP (est. 2009) is a 501 (c) 3, whose primary mission is to expand the Peace On Earth Film Festival, along with other projects that advance the understanding, enterprise and sustainability of a culture of peace for all humanity.

TGM’s mission is to foster a change in public discourse by building alternatives to violence, while demonstrating progressive steps toward social justice and an eco-balanced world. The POEFF fulfils that mission by presenting films, discussion panels, and outreach programming which highlight such efforts both locally and worldwide.

A cornerstone of TGM philosophy is taken from a quote of President John F. Kennedy: “Peace is…a process of gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, and quietly building new structures”.

Transcendence Global Media Board of Directors

TGM Executive Director:

Nick Angotti
Former film and television actor and Founder/Executive Director of the POEFF.


TGM Board of Trustees:

Milissa Pacelli, President

Timothy Hari, Treasurer
A CPA for over twenty years, working in both public accounting and executive financial management roles within the legal services industry.

Paul A. Kakuris, Trustee
President, Illinois Dunesland Preservation Society; and an environmental professional and a coastal consultant since 1974.

Collin Ashmead-Bobbitt, Trustee
Chicago Public Media – WBEZ since 2010 Broadcast Engineer in audio, broadcast television, sports and film production.

Frank Fitzgerald, Trustee
Professor of Sociology. B.S. The College of St Rose (current), Philosophy. Loyola University of Chicago (1965). M.A., Sociology, New School for Social Research (1970).


TGM Advisory Council:

Robert C. Koehler
Award-winning, Chicago-based journalist, former editor at Tribune Media Services and a nationally syndicated writer. Mr. Koehler also writes his own weekly internet column Common Wonders, which also appears on our blog.

Diane G. Kelliher
Real Estate Investor.

Mary Jeanne Larrabee, Ph.D.
Director of the DePaul University Peace/Conflict Resolution/Social Justice Studies Program.

Leonard Iaquinta
Academic Administrator, Writer, Consultant, Not-For-Profit Fundraiser.


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